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Agent will attempt to conduct a face-to-face interview with our client's borrower with the emphasis on generating a call-back to your call center representative.

Report Example

Field Call Power Point Presentation

Call Back Card/Door Knocker

Agent will visit the residence to determine if this property is vacant or occupied. He/she will provide the condition of the home and the surrounding area along with providing any potential code violations.

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Inspector will visit property to determine exterior condition of the home and check for potential code violations.

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The inspector will conduct a thorough review of the damage and evaluate the quality of repairs along with a percentage of completion estimate. The borrower’s satisfaction  will be notated on our report. Pictures documenting the damage and repairs will accompany our report.

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Repossession Impound Yards

Credit Bureau Clients

Pre-funding SBA Inspections

SBA Certifications/Verifications